Our most conscious creation


Chacrona, called as the Amazon sheet used by indigenous tribes to connect body and soul, is born with the commitment to cooperate in the preservation of the Amazon jungle and its communities, the true guardians. Through Light for Humanity, we put solar energy in the most needy areas of the Amazon.

Know the project

Invisible comfort

Thanks to our unique way of creating the shoes that respect the nobility of the materials, without almost reinforcements, or glue, putting the foot in Chacrona is literally walking between cotton.

Conscious materials

Inspired by nature, all our materials are natural and/or recycled:

Recycled wool and organic cotton

Skins audited by LWG Gold Classification

RPET laces recycled plastic bottles


Template and sole mixed with cork

Recycled and recyclabe packaging

Traction and connection

Chachrona connects you with the earth through its sole. The design of the tacos, the surface of tread and the quality of their materials guarantee traction in any terrain and condition.


Guaranteed comfort

The ergonomic EPR template of high density with natural cork, and its entresuela Eva molded recycled (developed in collaboration with the Biomechanical Institute of Valencia, offer extraordinary cushioning and the feeling of walking on the clouds.


Created to last

The best resource savings is non -consumption. Therefore, Chacrona is designed and built to last, with high quality materials. Its appearance used and wrinkle so characteristic embellish it as it ages.