Chacrona Metta Premium

Our Natural Beauty has Blossomed

Chacrona Metta Premium | Winter Smoke
Chacrona Metta Premium Winter Smoke
199 €

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Kiso Metta Premium

Mountain Boots made for the Concrete Jungle

Kiso Metta Premium | Moss Green
Kiso Metta Premium Moss Green
215 €

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Chacrona Premium

Our most conscious creation in premium leather.

Chacrona Suede

Our most conscious creation in suede leather and recycled wool.

Chacrona Suede | Blues
Chacrona Suede Blues
169,90 €

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Chacrona Premium Fringes

Our most conscious creation in premium leather and rustic look.

Chacrona Premium Fringes | Peanut

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Heisei Suede

Our most beloved shoe in Gold Rated suede leather.

Heisei V2 Suede

A winter version of our most beloved shoes in suede leather.

Heisei V2 Suede | Thunderbolt
Heisei V2 Suede Thunderbolt
119,90 €

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Kiso Premium

Nuestras botas urbanas en piel premium.

Kiso Premium | Desert
Kiso Premium Desert
189,90 €

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Kiso Wool

Our urban boots in wool and premium leather.

Kiso Wool | Spots
Kiso Wool Spots
179,90 €

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Wanaka Mars

Our boots inspired by the New Zealand landscapes in premium leather.

Wanaka Mars | Brown
Wanaka Mars Brown
169,90 €

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Hida Premium

Our classic with character boots in premium leather.

Hida Premium | Oxide
Hida Premium Oxide
179,90 €

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Hida Spitfire

Our one of a kind boots made with natural leather showing all its imperfections.

Hida Spitfire | Stone/Gr
Hida Spitfire Stone/Gr
179,90 €

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Uwabaki Wool

Our handcrafted wool slipper made for your home, your temple.

Uwabaki Wool | Khaki
Uwabaki Wool Khaki
89,90 €

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Chacrona Linen

Our most conscious creation in fresh linen.

Chacrona Linen | Psychadelic khaki
Chacrona Linen Psychadelic khaki
169,90 €

Chacrona Laser premium

Our most conscious creation with laser perforations.

Chacrona Laser premium | Blue ink
Chacrona Laser premium Blue ink
179,90 €

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Chacrona Premium ul

Our most conscious creation in premium leather unlined.

Chacrona Premium ul | String
Chacrona Premium ul String
179,90 €

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Heisei Gaia Terra.2

The new vegan version of our beloved shoes in recycled cotton.

Heisei Gaia Terra.2 | Psychadelic khaki
Heisei Gaia Terra.2 Psychadelic khaki
89,90 €

Heisei Fantasia

Our most beloved shoe in beautiful patterns & colours.

Heisei Fantasia | Yeso Nl
Heisei Fantasia Yeso Nl
89,90 €

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Heisei Rustic Suede

A rustic version of our most beloved shoe in suede leather.

Heisei Rustic Suede | Gravel
Heisei Rustic Suede Gravel
99,90 €

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Tate Premium

Our original take on the vintage handball sneaker in premium leather.

Tate Premium | Celadon Mist
Tate Premium Celadon Mist
129,90 €

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Tate Suedelaser

Our original take on the vintage handball sneaker in suede leather.

Tate Suedelaser | Leaf
Tate Suedelaser Leaf
110 €

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Kung Fu Gaia

Our design truly mastered in recycled cotton.

Kung Fu Gaia | Whiskey
Kung Fu Gaia Whiskey
69 €

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Kung Fu Fantasia

Our design truly mastered with funny patterns.

Kung Fu Fantasia | Marino
Kung Fu Fantasia Marino
79,90 €

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Venice Linen

Nuestra sandalia wash-n-walk en lino.

Venice Linen | Earth
Venice Linen Earth
99,90 €

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Venice Suede

Nuestra sandalia wash-n-walk en piel serraje.

Venice Suede | Amber
Venice Suede Amber
99,90 €

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Men's shoes

Comfort, character and uniqueness. The online catalog of Satorisan men's shoes offers you exclusive and unique designs that you will not find in any other store.

Satorisan men has a model of men's shoes for every moment of the day. Enter now and discover all the men's shoes for this season.

All the men's shoes models you are looking for

An urban and modern man needs the latest generation of men's shoes that allow him to face all the challenges of everyday life with maximum comfort.

Quality in manufacturing materials, a wide range of designs, colors and finishes and the coolest men's shoes on the market. This is what satorisan men's shoes are like, discover them!

  • Men's all-terrain shoes : a shoe ready to offer maximum comfort even after several hours of walking, choose the ones that best suit you, whether men's winter shoes or men's summer shoes.
  • Original men's shoes : combine aesthetics and comfort to perfection and dare to wear Satorisan shoes. You can choose between men's leather shoes or men's leather sneakers.
  • Vegan men's shoes : discover the Heisei Gaia Terra.2 model made of organic, recycled cotton and RPET laces and wear Satorisan men's shoes.
  • Men's canvas sneakers : Our masterful design in recycled cotton.

Looking for men's sneakers in Satorisan we offer the best designs and maximum comfort.

Buy original men's shoes online

On this website you can buy original shoes online. You can choose your new men's shoes filtering by colors, manufacturing materials or models.

We use a secure payment gateway so that your data remains absolutely private. Shipping costs? Chances are that in the Satorisan men's online store you will get them for free.

Now you just have to start thinking about what you are going to combine your new and original satorisan shoes with.

Do you have any doubts about your order? No problem. You can contact us via chat, email or phone, we will be happy to help you!