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Best Selling
Heisei Suede | Gravel Gravel
99,90 €
Chacrona Linen | Blush Pink Blush Pink
179,90 €
 Blush Pink
Ensō Gaia | Material Beige Material Beige
129,90 €
 Material Beige
Best Selling
Ensō Gaia | Forgotten Rose Forgotten Rose
129,90 €
 Forgotten Rose
Best Selling
Heisei Suede | Elephant Château Elephant Château
99,90 €
 Elephant Château
Chacrona Linen | Chantilly Cream W Chantilly Cream W
179,90 €
 Chantilly Cream W
Dharma Linen | Pecan Pecan
189,90 €
Quality Quality
Our products are made with unique, durable and planet-friendly materials.
Comfort Comfort
We use innovation and research to design practical and comfortable products.

Express yourself in every step with our women's trainers.

Our trainersstand out for their unique designs, commitment to quality and conscious use of materials. We offer you a new collection of women's trainers with unique designs that reflect your character and essence. Each pair of trainers is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring comfort and durability so you can wear them with confidence on any occasion. Discover how our trainers can become the centerpiece of your outfit, reflecting the best of you in every step you take.

Women's trainers: variety to suit your needs

Choose from more than ten basic colors, with different designs and finishes that will allow you to wear a unique and personal look wherever you go. Our women's trainers seem tailor-made and stand out for their originality and quality. Whether for walking, working, enjoying leisure time or even to match your outfits for special events, there will always be a Satorisan model to suit you. Enjoy a wide variety of models that offer you maximum comfort and a unique footwear experience.

Types of women's trainers at Satorisan

Originality in design and quality materials are the hallmarks of our women's trainers. The collection includes several types of trainers, each designed for different occasions and lifestyles:

  • This line is designed to provide maximum comfort during the busiest of days. The Chacrona range stands out for its rugged presence, while the Heisei collection offers a softer, more urban style, perfect for everyday life.
  • Vegan Trainers: For women looking for sustainable options, Satorisan offers the Heisei Gaia Terra 2 model, made with organic, recycled cotton and RPET laces. These trainers are not only environmentally friendly, but also stylish and comfortable.

Trainers that take care of you and the environment

Satorisan is committed to using materials and manufacturing methods that care for the environment. Each pair of trainers is made with attention to detail and a deep respect for nature. This commitment is reflected in the choice of materials and responsible manufacturing practices, ensuring that every step you take with Satorisan is a step towards a better future.

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