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Green sole boots

Green: The color of nature, the color of hope and the color of the soles of the boots of SATORISAN.

A color that connects us with our essence and inspires us to renew and face any new challenge with full energy.  

If green is your favorite color, the online catalog of Women's Winter Boots of satorisan as the catalog of Men's winter boots. Conscious materials, unique designs and comfort. Discover all our models! 

Boots with green sole

In Satorisan we give much importance to the design of the Boots with green sole We manufacture. We prioritize comfort and safety by manufacturing special soles to guarantee maximum stability when walking.

If you usually walk long distances, Satorisan boots will keep you away from slippery or falls.

If what you need are rubber soles for the cold months, our Green sole boots 4WD will allow you to keep your feet warm until spring arrives.

Black boots with green sole

Black boots with green sole They draw a very aesthetic combination of colors that can combine wonderful both with jeans and a winter coat and with your most casual outfit to go for a walk through the mountain or the city in summer.

Are you thinking of a gift for that special person? In Sortorisan you will find original designs in Men's winter boots that will last many years in perfect condition.

Where to buy green sole boots

You can buy your new Green sole boots In Satorisan both in person in our stores in Madrid and Valencia and online.

The Satorisan website includes detailed information of each model, guides you during the entire purchase process and maintains your privacy by encrypting your data through a safe pay gateway.

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