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Benirras Sumbe | Blue Blue
119,90 €
Benirras Premium | Karma Green Karma Green
129,90 €
 Karma Green
Benirras Premium | Gilded Bamboo Gilded Bamboo
129,90 €
 Gilded Bamboo
Benirras Sumbe | Grey Grey
119,90 €
Benirras Sumbe | Honey Honey
119,90 €

Women's closed sandals

With a distinctive design that stands out from the crowd, our women's closed sandals are the perfect choice for cool summer strolls, enhancing your essence with every move. These closed sandals offer exceptional comfort and excellent ventilation thanks to their practical and functional design, combined with premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship that is reflected in every detail.

Comfortable and functional women's closed sandals

Our women's sandals suit your dynamic lifestyle, giving you style, comfort and adaptability no matter where life takes you. You'll find classic designs with distinctive touches that highlight the beauty of our women's closed sandals, while careful craftsmanship ensures that each pair of our sandals stands out from the crowd. Their features blend seamlessly with the design, offering not only exceptional style, but also lightweight, anatomical soles, along with side vents for coolness and breathability.

Conscious and high quality materials in our women's closed sandals

Our production process involves the meticulous selection of materials, ensuring excellence in both the quality of our women's sandals and respect for the environment. The choice of premium materials not only guarantees the durability of our products, but also the comfort our customers deserve with every step. This conscious approach reflects our conscientious approach and commitment to excellence, creating a harmonious balance between quality and the environment.

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