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Venice Linen | Earth Earth
99,90 €
Venice Suede | Gravel Gravel
99,90 €
Venice Linen | Vergri Vergri
99,90 €
Venice Suede | Black Sand Black Sand
99,90 €
 Black Sand
Venice Suede | Amber Amber
99,90 €

Leather Sandals for Men

If you are looking for a quality sandal with a style that stands out from the rest, be sure to try our men's leather sandals. Made from premium leathers in harmonious combination with other materials for a versatile and timeless design that stands out for its exceptional quality. Wear them around town or on a weekend getaway and let our men's sandals become an authentic reflection of your identity and your conscious lifestyle. 

Men's leather sandals for all kinds of feet

An ideal choice for warm days and outdoor adventures. Our men's leather sandals are made from the finest materials and designed with comfort in mind, while offering an optimal fit and exceptional support for your feet with every step you take. Their functional design incorporates features such as slip-resistant soles and adjustable straps to ensure a safe and hassle-free wearing experience. Wherever you find yourself, these sandals are the ideal choice for men looking for style, comfort and functionality in one shoe.

Sustainable and high quality Leather Sandals for men

The handcrafted manufacture of our sandals uses conscious materials that respect our environment, without compromising quality and durability. We take care of every detail to achieve different footwear, with personality and versatility, capable of adapting to your dynamic lifestyle. We make our sandals enhance your style and look almost personalised, with a perfect combination of style and responsibility. Our men's leather sandals offer an exceptional wearing experience that leaves a positive footprint with every step you take.

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