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Ensō Gaia | Chantilly Cream Chantilly Cream
129,90 €
 Chantilly Cream
Ensō Ecomesh | Karma Green Karma Green
129,90 €
 Karma Green

Unique in style, our trainers connect with the essence of the modern woman who values timeless classic style and eye-catching design. Our women's vintage trainers offer a fusion of iconic styles with Satorisan's distinctive contemporary twist. Each pair is unique and uniquely complements your style with different finishes and combinations of high quality materials. Explore our collection and find your ideal pair of trainers that express your conscious attitude and lifestyle.

A retro style, with a contemporary twist

Discover a combination of vintage style that never goes out of style and a contemporary twist that will keep you with one foot in the present. Our women's vintage trainers incorporate design elements with classic lines inspired by iconic models from decades ago with distinctive finishes and functionality that respond to a contemporary, style-conscious style. 

Quality and respect for the planet

We rely on constant research and innovation to produce high quality trainers in harmony with the environment. The end result is a unique, comfortable and durable vintage trainer for women, where every detail has been taken care of to the point of being almost tailor-made. You won't find a pair like it, every Satorisan shoe is truly unique, just like you. Each pair tells a story of timeless elegance and commitment to a better future, from the meticulous selection of materials to the handcrafted manufacturing process, each pair is a reflection of our commitment to excellence and care for our environment. 

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