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Men's winter boots

In SATORISAN You have at your disposal a wide variety of Winter boots for men that combine perfect resistance, durability and an attractive and original aesthetic.

When weather conditions become adverse and man shoes They are not enough to overcome the obstacles of the road, the Men's winter boots Satorisan are your best company to get where you intend.

Characteristics of Men's Winter Boots

The best Men's winter boots They must guarantee the greatest warmth and comfort to withstand low temperatures.

It is also important that they are robust and stable to allow you to walk on any land, in addition to comfortable boots are casual boots for Men of Satorisan.

In Satorisan we use first quality conscious materials and care to the slightest detail in the process of preparing our Winter boots for men including:

  • Removable templates
  • SOLEAS 4 x 4 to guarantee balance and grip
  • Resistant materials designed to last

Types of Men's Winter Boots

In the online store in Satorisan you will find many models in different colors, designs and finishes.

  • Wanaka Mars: The Winter Boots of Satorisan inspired by the New Zealand landscapes. This model is ideal for low temperatures, since it is made of premium leather.
  • Hida Spitfire: These winter boots cover both the feet and the ankles. They are made of natural leather and incorporate the “Cold” sole to guarantee the greatest grip.
  • Hida Premium: The most classic winter boot made from premium skin.
  • Waraku Premium: The rounded shapes and maximum warmth for your feet are the characteristics of these winter boots made of premium leather, lined in wool.
  • Tewa Premium: rear zippers and a unique aesthetic define the style of our most rustic winter boots, lined in wool.

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