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Men Boots Man

Men's leather boots from the online store SATORISAN They are the perfect complement for day to day. Their aesthetics allows you both to use them to work and for your leisure and relaxing moments.

Thanks to the conscious materials with which they are manufactured and the comfort elements they incorporate, the Winter Boots of Satorisan are also prepared to offer you the greatest performance in walks through the city.

Characteristics of the Men of Satorisan leather boots

A wide variety of models, sizes and colors is the first thing that stands out in the online store of Man Boots Man of Satorisan.
It is a type of hand -made boot in which it takes care to the slightest detail during the manufacturing process to guarantee maximum comfort in each step:

  • Incorporates removable templates to improve the tread.
  • SOLEAS 4 X 4 are designed to keep your warm feet in the face of low temperatures and ensure grip and stability in any terrain.
  • Conscious materials make Man Boots Man They are a resistant and durable footwear.

Types of men's skin boots

Between the types of Man Boots Man Available in Satorisan we highlight:

  • Wanaka Mars: a boot that perfectly combines beauty and robustness. It incorporates insulating sole against the cold and is inspired by the mountainous landscapes of New Zealand.
  • Kiso: Choose among the Wool, Premium or Premium Wool models to enjoy a mountain boot conceived for the city
  • Hida Spitfire and Premium: This classic line boot has a unique look and finish. Thanks to the sole "Old", your feet will be protected against the cold and irregularities of the terrain.
  • Waraku Premium: His name means "harmony" in Japanese. Its rounded shapes made of premium and wool skin are the best guarantee to walk hot and safe in the winter months.
  • Tewa: A rustic and artisanal appearance boot made with top quality skins and handmade details.

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