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Venice Linen | Earth Earth
99,90 €
Benirras Premium | Cognac Cognac
129,90 €
Venice Suede | Gravel Gravel
99,90 €
Venice Linen | Vergri Vergri
99,90 €

Men's Buckle Sandals

Bring a fresh and different touch to your summer outings with the Satorisan men's buckle sandals. With unique design, these sandals offer the perfect balance of style, comfort and functionality. Each pair of Satorisan sandals tells a unique story, conveying the essence of your individuality and love for the genuine in every step you take.

Consciously handcrafted Men's Buckle Sandals

The distinctive style of Satorisan's men's buckle sandals is evident at first glance. With consciously crafted construction, each pair has a unique look and finish that reflects our signature attention to detail. The use of high quality leathers in combination with other conscious materials ensures footwear that respects our environment.

Comfortable and functional Men's Buckle Sandals

Comfort is an undisputed priority in the design of these sandals. Thanks to their seamless design and lightweight rubber sole, they offer a feeling of lightness and freedom when walking. In addition, the nature-conscious materials used in their manufacture ensure a comfortable experience for your feet and a balance with nature.

In addition to their style and comfort, Satorisan men's buckle sandals are highly functional. Their versatile design makes them ideal for a day at the beach or a long walk around town. Their durability and strength ensure that you can enjoy them all summer long and beyond, leaving a positive footprint with every step you take.

Satorisan's men's buckle sandals are a perfect choice for those looking to combine style, comfort and functionality in their summer footwear. With their handcrafted construction, quality materials and thoughtful design, these sandals for men not only complement your personal style, but also allow you to enjoy every step with a sense of lightness and freedom, connecting with yourself and your surroundings with every step you take.

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