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Best Selling
Heisei Suede | Gravel Gravel
99,90 €
Best Selling
Chacrona Linen | Blush Pink Blush Pink
179,90 €
 Blush Pink
Ensō Gaia | Material Beige Material Beige
129,90 €
 Material Beige
Ensō Gaia | Forgotten Rose Forgotten Rose
129,90 €
 Forgotten Rose
Dharma Linen | Pecan Pecan
189,90 €
Best Selling
Heisei Suede | Elephant Château Elephant Château
99,90 €
 Elephant Château
Chacrona Linen | Chantilly Cream W Chantilly Cream W
179,90 €
 Chantilly Cream W
Quality Quality
Our products are made with unique, durable and planet-friendly materials.
Comfort Comfort
We use innovation and research to design practical and comfortable products.

Express yourself in every step with our sneakers for women

A wide range of models that combine innovative designs with conscious materials that offer you durability and comfort with every step. Satorisan women's sneakers are designed to be an extension of your personality and style. Walk with confidence as you express yourself freely and enjoy high quality footwear that will accompany you on all your adventures.

Our online Satorisan women's sneakers store offers you the footwear you need quickly and easily. Browse our collection, choose your favorite styles and enjoy an easy and secure checkout process, with the convenience of having your new sneakers delivered right to your door.

Your heart, soul and spirit guide you, Satorisan women's sneakers give you the drive to follow them!

Satorisan's sneakers for women, more than just a sneaker

Satorisan women's sneakers are inspired by the colors and shapes of the planet, reflecting all its beauty but also its imperfections. Walk, make mistakes, stop to rest, and then pick yourself up again with renewed energy. When you look at your feet, Satorisan women's sneakers will always be ready to accompany you to the end of the world.

Commitment to your well-being and the environment

The brand is also deeply committed to customer well-being and harmony with the environment. This translates into the use of conscious materials and responsible manufacturing processes. The women's sneaker collections include conscious choices in linen, premium unlined leather, laser perforated, split leather, recycled wool and vintage cotton. These materials not only ensure the comfort and durability of the footwear, but also minimize the impact on our planet.

Discover our women's sneakers collection

Our online store allows you to browse, in a matter of minutes, a wide variety of models using filters that will make it easier for you to find your ideal footwear, for example, our Women's Retro Sneakers. Once you find your perfect sneakers, we will process your order quickly and securely so that you get them in the shortest possible time. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help or have any questions; we are here to assist you at all times.

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