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Heisei Suede | Elephant Château Elephant Château
99,90 €
 Elephant Château
Ensō Gaia | Forgotten Rose Forgotten Rose
129,90 €
 Forgotten Rose
Chacrona Premium | Blanco Negro Blanco Negro
189,90 €
 Blanco Negro
Chacrona Linen | Camouflage Endearing Mauve Camouflage Endearing Mauve
169,90 €
 Camouflage Endearing Mauve
Chacrona Suede | String Brown String Brown
179,90 €
 String Brown
Dharma Linen | Old Novel Old Novel
189,90 €
 Old Novel

Women's Sneakers

The SATORISAN online store offers you the footwear you need to face every new challenge with energy and vitality.

With our light, original and extra comfy sneakers, you’ll find it easier to walk on your quest to find your true essence. 

Your heart, your soul and your spirit will guide you, while your Satorisan sneakers will give you the strength to follow them.

Women's Sneakers: Discover your new Sneakers

Our sneakers for women represent our life motto, which is to find your true essence in harmony with nature.

They’re inspired by the colors and shapes of the Earth, reflecting all their beauty and imperfections. 

Walk, make a mistake, stop to rest and keep going with renewed energy with our sneakers. When you look at our feet, our Satorisan sneakers for women will always be prepared to accompany you to the end of the world.

Buy sneakers for women

Do you often feel that your footwear is not in harmony with your daily activities? It is time to free yourself and start walking comfortably and safe.

You can buy your new Satorisan sneakers in the simplest way, in a matter of minutes and 100% online. 

Join us in this virtual walk and enjoy the amazing views. As if it were an exotic and unexplored landscape, at Satorisan you will find models of sneakers for women that you’ve never seen before. 

Discover the collections of women’s sneakers made of linen, unlined premium leather, with laser perforations in recycled suede or wool or vintage cotton. 

Thanks you our search filters, you will find the models you like in the color, material, model or type of shoe you prefer. 

All you have to do now is choose your new sneakers and wear them! You can easily and safely pay them with our payment gateway to confirm your order and just rest… 

You will receive them faster than you can imagine so they can accompany you the rest of your journey. 

Maybe you’re looking for a different type of sneaker, such as shoes for women, sneakers for women, or sandals for women.

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