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Ensō Suede | Peat Green Peat Green
139,90 €
 Peat Green
Ensō Gaia | Rare Earth Rare Earth
129,90 €
 Rare Earth
Ensō Ecomesh | Vergri Vergri
129,90 €

Retro sneakers for men

We want to bring you truly authentic sneakers inspired by iconic styles that have stood the test of time and left a mark on contemporary culture. Our retro sneakers for men reflect our commitment to innovation and quality. You'll find them in a wide variety of unique and versatile styles and finishes for today's men. 

A men's retro sneaker collection that connects with you and celebrates your personal style, offering options to suit all your activities and occasions. Whether you're looking for a casual everyday look or a touch of style for special occasions, men's retro sneakers are a perfect choice to add a touch of authenticity wherever you go.

A unique style, with a retro twist

Stand out from the crowd with sneakers that combine a vintage aesthetic with contemporary elements, offering a unique fusion of style and functionality. We have a wide range of designs, from classic icons to bold and sporty, in a variety of finishes and quality materials to help you find your ideal pair. Our retro sneakers for men are the perfect combination of style and function, designed to meet the needs of modern men who value fashion and comfort.

Quality and respect for the planet

Carefully crafted details and high quality materials ensure that each pair is unique in itself with an almost customised look and minimal impact on our environment. With Satorisan men's retro sneakers, you are not only getting a quality product, but also a reflection of your conscious attitude and lifestyle.

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