Chacrona Premium

Our most conscious creation in premium leather.

Chacrona Metta Premium

Our Natural Beauty has Blossomed

Chacrona Metta Premium | Winter Smoke
Chacrona Metta Premium Winter Smoke
199 €

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Chacrona Suede

Our most conscious creation in suede leather and recycled wool.

Chacrona Suede | Thunderbolt
Chacrona Suede Thunderbolt
169,90 €

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Heisei Suede

Our most beloved shoe in Gold Rated suede leather.

Heisei V2 Suede

A winter version of our most beloved shoes in suede leather.

Heisei V2 Suede | Thunderbolt
Heisei V2 Suede Thunderbolt
119,90 €

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Heisei Gaia Terra.2

The new vegan version of our beloved shoes in recycled cotton.

Heisei Gaia Terra.2 | Pale sunlight
Heisei Gaia Terra.2 Pale sunlight
89,90 €

Heisei Fantasia

Our most beloved shoe in beautiful patterns & colours.

Heisei Fantasia | Yeso Nl
Heisei Fantasia Yeso Nl
89,90 €

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Heisei Rustic Suede

A rustic version of our most beloved shoe in suede leather.

Heisei Rustic Suede | Amber
Heisei Rustic Suede Amber
99,90 €

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Tate Suedelaser

Our original take on the vintage handball sneaker in suede leather.

Tate Suedelaser | Pollen
Tate Suedelaser Pollen
110 €

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Chacrona Linen

Our most conscious creation in fresh linen.

Chacrona Linen | Psychadelic khaki
Chacrona Linen Psychadelic khaki
169,90 €

Chacrona Laser premium

Our most conscious creation with laser perforations.

Chacrona Laser premium | Sophisticated khaki
Chacrona Laser premium Sophisticated khaki
179,90 €

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Men's casual sneakers

Comfort, freedom of movement and a unique design. In the Satorisan online store you have at your disposal a wide variety of casual sneakers for men in different sizes and colors.

Made with conscious materials and the utmost care in every detail, Satorisan sneakers are designed to last in perfect condition for a long time.

What are men's casual shoes?

When we talk about casual sneakers for men, we refer to footwear that can be used in different situations and times of the day.

This type of sneakers can be worn both to go for a walk and to enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones at any time of leisure.

What are the best casual sneakers for men?

When choosing casual sneakers for men, the most important thing is that they guarantee maximum comfort on any terrain.

To achieve this, at Satorisan we manufacture the best, with elements such as high-density ergonomic insoles or reinforced soles with studs to ensure grip and stability.

Original men's casual sneakers

Another of the characteristics that differentiate Satorisan men's sneakers are their unique and inimitable designs.

We offer you multiple options in models, colors and sizes.

Can you buy men's casual sneakers online?

Of course you can. In addition, shopping at the Satorisan online store is a very simple process that is completed in a matter of minutes.

1. Use the filters on the website to choose the color and size of your sneakers.
2. Check all its features in the product sheet.
3. Add the order to the shopping cart and complete your purchase through the secure payment gateway.
4. Remember that the shipping and return is free from 70€ in the peninsula and 90€ in the Canary Islands.
5. We take care of everything for you to receive your new casual shoes for men as soon as possible.

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