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Best Selling
Heisei Suede | Deep Khaki/Gr Deep Khaki/Gr
99,90 €
 Deep Khaki/Gr
Ensō Suede | Peat Green Peat Green
139,90 €
 Peat Green
Best Selling
Ensō Gaia | Rare Earth Rare Earth
129,90 €
 Rare Earth
Ensō Ecomesh | Vergri Vergri
129,90 €

A tribute to the golden age of skateboarding where retro aesthetics blend seamlessly with comfort and functionality. Our men's skate trainers evoke the classic skater style and offer a wide variety of finishes to suit any personal style. If you're looking for unique skate trainers with quality and distinctive finishes, Satorisan's men's skate trainers are the ideal choice for you.

Unique and Functional Men's Skate trainers

Satorisan's men's skate trainers are designed with attention to detail, ensuring each pair not only boasts an attractive design but is also extremely comfortable and durable. Their rubber sole construction provides good traction and durability, while eco-friendly materials like organic cotton provide the comfort and softness you need at all times. Each pair is a unique piece, crafted with a retro and authentic design that you will love.

The Essence of Our trainers, More Than Just Footwear

We strive to convey our essence and values in everything we do, and our men's skate trainersare no exception. Our focus on quality and authenticity, combined with conscious craftsmanship and high-quality materials, sets us apart, offering you truly unique trainers. Each pair is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process that prioritises both your well-being and the environment.

Our trainers are not just a trendy footwear choice but an extension of a lifestyle that values simplicity, authenticity, and a connection with nature. This unique combination of features makes Satorisan's men's skate trainers simply great, offering not only high-quality footwear but also an expression of your personality and values.

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