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Kiso Metta Premium Moss Green
215 €
 Moss Green
Chacrona Premium Desert
179,90 €
Best Selling
Heisei Suede Driftwood
99,90 €
Heisei V2 Suede Thunderbolt
119,90 €
Hida Spitfire Moss Green
179,90 €
 Moss Green
Chacrona Metta Premium Moss Green
199 €
 Moss Green
Chacrona Premium Peat Green
179,90 €
 Peat Green
Heisei Suede Peat Green
99,90 €
 Peat Green

Winter Sneakers Man

No matter what the weather or the state of the terrain. The Winter Sneakers Man From the online store of Satorisan they will help you overcome any obstacle to reach your destination.

In SATORISAN You have at your disposal a wide catalog of Men's Winter Sneakers that maintain your feet protected at low temperatures and guarantee stability.

Our Winter shoes for men They present original designs in many colors and finishes.

Why buy men's winter shoes in the online store in Satorisan?

  •   The Sneakers Winter Man Satorisan are manufactured with top quality materials, which guarantees its maximum resistance to wear and a prolonged useful life.
  •  Buying our shoes is very simple. Select the type of Winter shoes for men What best suits your tastes and needs, choose the size, use the safe pay gateway to complete your order and you will receive it in the least possible space.
  • All models of Winter sneakers for men In Satorisan they incorporate ergonomic high density templates.

How to take care of winter bambas for men?

For the shoes They can accompany you in perfect condition for many years, it is necessary that you take care of them following the recommendations that you can find on the page of each product.

In the case of man shoes, some of our models can enter the washing machine. However, others do not support machine washing, nor the direct drying in sunlight or the high temperatures of the dryers.

If you have any questions about the care of your new satorisan shoes Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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