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Ensō Suede | Peat Green Peat Green
139,90 €
 Peat Green
Ensō Gaia | Rare Earth Rare Earth
129,90 €
 Rare Earth
Ensō Ecomesh | Vergri Vergri
129,90 €

Vintage trainers for men

At Satorisan we seek to transcend the conventional boundaries of footwear and highlight our commitment to personal connection through our designs. Rediscover your own path with shoes that enhance your personality and lifestyle, establishing a unique relationship with your footwear. Our vintage men's shoes are a conscious creation using high quality, environmentally friendly materials that allow wearers to showcase a distinctive style.

A unique style, with classic charm

Satorisan's collection of vintage men's trainers captures the essence of classic style with a unique, timeless elegance. Each model has an almost bespoke style that has drawn inspiration from the very imperfections of nature and our environment. Designed to be trend-setting and highlight the wearer's individuality. Set the trend in your everyday life no matter where you go with Satorisan men's vintage trainers.

Satorisan's vintage trainers are not only stylish, but also versatile in their use. Whether you're at a casual get-together with friends or out on the town, we have a vintage trainer that's perfect for you. The varied styles of our trainers make them easy to pair with different styles of clothing, adding a distinctive touch that's perfect for every occasion.

Quality and care for the environment

Satorisan's excellence is reflected in the quality of its materials and its commitment to caring for our environment. Each pair of shoes is made from carefully selected materials that minimise our impact on the planet and ensure durability and comfort. All this, with the distinctive style of our trainers that become your best companions to walk a positive and conscious path.

We invite you to discover the Satorisan men's vintage trainers collection and experience the perfect fusion of style, comfort and environmental awareness. 

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