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Chacrona Suede | Blues Blues
179,90 €
Best Selling
Heisei Suede | Gravel Gravel
99,90 €
Dharma Linen | Old Novel Old Novel
189,90 €
 Old Novel
Chacrona Linen | Melancholic Grey Melancholic Grey
179,90 €
 Melancholic Grey
Ensō Gaia | Forgotten Rose Forgotten Rose
129,90 €
 Forgotten Rose

Men shoes man

Legend has it that the Satori appears to the walkers to help them find their way becoming aware of themselves and their harmony with nature.

In SATORISAN We want to help you find your true essence by putting an original, comfortable and highest quality footwear on your feet so that you travel your path in freedom.

You haven't discovered the Men's leather shoes of our online store? Let us be your guide in this virtual visit and help you find a tailored footwear.


Buy Man shoes Online through the satorisan store it will be very simple. The objective is to facilitate the search for you to find exactly Men's leather shoes What better fit your tastes and needs.

To achieve this, we have designed an online store where you can filter your searches for:

  • Colors
  • Manufacturing materials
  • Models
  • Sizes
  • Kind of Men's leather shoes

How to buy online men's leather shoes

Once you have chosen your new Men's leather shoes, all you have to do is add them to the cart and choose one of the available payment methods.

To guarantee the privacy of your data we use safe payment protocols. You just have to plan your first adventure, because in the shortest possible time we will make your Men's leather shoes.

Why buy men's leather shoes in satorisan?

Because in Sortorisan we take care of all the details of the manufacturing process of our Men's leather shoes Thinking so much about your comfort and comfort and respect for the well -being of the surrounding environment.

These are some of the characteristics that make special to Men's leather shoes from Sorisan:

  • Ergonomic high density templates that allow you to walk freely on any land.
  • Special finishes to optimize grip and protect yourself from slippers and falls.
  • Quality manufacturing materials that guarantee resistance and durability in all our models of Men's leather shoes.

You can be looking for another type of shoe such as:Man sandals, Men's Boots, man shoes.

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